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Possessing a positive, uplifting message in both English and easy-to-learn Swahili, this joyful, rhythmic original features independent melodic lines in each part, making it interesting, fun to sing and easy to teach. The simple, repetitive Swahili text translates as “Thank you for joy. Thank you for caring. Thank you for music. Give thanks today.” A pronunciation guide is included. Uses: Church, Ethnic, Festival, General, School, Sacred
CGE306 —– 2 Part
CGE305 —– 3 Part

Do Re Mi Fa Solfeggio!

This is a transitional piece between partner song and two-part harmonic singing that uses the solfeggio syllables in a tuneful way to explore interval singing. Departing from the syllables, the text of the second section sings of the beauty of music as the universal language. With piano accompaniment and optional flute part that support the singers, this is a great choice for emerging choirs. Uses: School, General, NewPublisher: BriLee Music
BL1042 —- 2 Part


Eletelephony is an excellent vehicle for introducing intervals while singing a fun-filled, novel text. If your choir uses Sol-fa, this song circles around Do and Sol, with excursions to Ti and Re. It also incorporates imitative entries, call and response and simple two-part harmonies to convey the text. The piano accompaniment aids in the interpretation of the text. A fun, quick-to-learn selection that will enhance any concert! Uses: General, Novelty, School
BL1101 —– 2-Part

Grant Us Peace

The timeless and year-round versatility of the Latin text, Dona Nobis Pacem, is set seamlessly with an English verse singing of understanding, kindness and hope for humankind. The flowing piano accompaniment supports the voices resulting in a simple yet musically rich choral perfect for teaching lyrical singing and phrasing to young and developing voices. PianoTrax CD is available. Uses: General, Church, Festival
35031180 —— SAB
35031181 —— 2 Part

Green Grow the Rushes, O

This jaunty, rhythmic folk song builds one number upon the next. Depending on the needs of your ensemble, it can be performed with piano or a cappella. Excellent for teaching intervals and diction, this piece is sure to be a fun opening or closing number for fall, spring or festival concerts. Uses: Christmas, Festival, Folk, General, New, School
CM9460 —— SATB

Heading Home

A folk-influenced reflection about the journey to find home. This robust piece features plenty of satisfying TBB harmony and words that are just right for guys. Chord symbols for guitar are included in this publication. PianoTrax CD is available. Uses: Festival, General, New, School
00-45398 —— TBB

Hear Them Ring!

Ignite a festive mood with this jazzy and infectious holiday original from Dave and Jean Perry! A catchy melody, imitative bell-like motives in the vocal parts, and syncopated rhythmic energy in the accompaniment makes this piece one that is not to be missed! Performance/accompaniment CD available. Uses: Christmas
CGE378 —— 2-Part

Holla Hi, Holla Ho!

Jean first heard this clever German folk song as a young girl singing around a fire at Girl Scout camp. It was so enchanting, she never forgot it. Now set for SSA voices with piano accompaniment, opportunities abound for teaching rhythmic precision, tonic, sub-dominant and tonic chord relationships, and independent part singing. A wonderful piece that will delight audiences and treble choirs of all levels. Uses: Festival, General, New, School
Publisher: BL856 —— SSA

Let Alleluias Fill the Sky

With an uplifting text, skillfully written vocal lines and a light and energetic accompaniment, this is a solid choice for concert or contest use. The limited-range melody based on the word Alleluia is initially sung in unison by all voices, but then evolves into a 2-part and then 3-part canon, while a lyrical section in English serves as a bridge into each chorus of alleluia. Performance/accompaniment CD is available. Uses: Church, Festival, General, Sacred, School
CGE403 —— 3-Part

Merriest Time of the Year, The

For a fun, festive holiday song filled with falling snow and reindeer on the rooftop, this will give your choir memorable melodies to sing. The opening unison section gives way to a contrasting two-part legato passage in thirds. This is followed by a combining of two partner songs and the eventual addition of a third part descant for a full culminating sound on the final refrain. Uses: Christmas, New, School
BL1043 —– 2-Part 

The Merry Bells of Christmas

Ring in the holidays and the anticipation of Christmas Day with this bright, festive original featuring delightful countermelodies, independent parts and the opportunity for each part to sing the melody. In the final section, both parts are joined by a Descant. With moderate ranges and a partner song format, this celebratory piece allows young singers to experience success with limited rehearsal time. Uses: Christmas, School
CGE297 —— 2-Part


Commissioned by the Phoenix Children's Chorus, this rhythmic 2-part song opens with a unison theme and then layers a part above. After a unison verse in English, an obstinato pattern is established by part one as part one picks up the main theme. The song builds as a descant in introduced for an exciting ending. The text is a mixture of basic Swahili and English. Parts for optional shekere, djembe and low drum are included. Uses: Church, Ethnic, Festival, General, New, Sacred, School.

CGA1462 —— 2 Part

Un Poquito Cantas

“Take a little singing, and a little dancing, add a little ‘le-lo-la,’ like the happy yellow bird.” This sprightly Spanish folk song is reminiscent of a singing canary, and is a delight to perform! Lighthearted lyrics in both English and Spanish (with pronunciation guide) are included, and suggestions for an optional Latin percussion ensemble lead the way to a lively tango. Uses: Ethnic, Folk, General, New, School
48429 —— SATB
48430 —— SSA

World of Music, A

With lyrics celebrating the gift of song, this piece is a perfect selection to remind ourselves of the importance of making music together. With easy-to-learn melodies and carefully crafted harmonies, this is perfect for young choirs who are new to choral singing or gathering once again! Downloadable accompaniment MP3 (e99/4281H) Uses: General, Festival, School
15/3824H —— 2 Part